Working Together

The no. 1 challenge of any company is to find and retain the best talent

We’re former recruiters and team builders who have built teams at technology companies. Misek is a recruiting platform and we're headquartered in Delhi (India). Our team includes recruiting experts, sourcers, marketers and techies.


What We Do

Our success is measured by the value we create for our hiring companies and candidates, seeing them win and making a positive impact.

Remote Tech Hiring

Hiring the right talent forms the foundation of any company. Good engineers will have an outsized effect on your company's success.

Building a Remote Team

The future of work is already here! We would like to partner with you to make it easy for your team to hire remotely.

Discover Top Engineers

Access to top engineers from India that you may want to work with them for full-time remote roles.

Fill Positions Faster

We can quickly match the right engineer for the right role by leveraging our large network of high caliber tech talent.


We curate our candidate sourcing to help you connect with the best talent. So, access a highly curated network of engineers that's discreetly looking for remote opportunities.

Cost Efficiency

We get paid (marginal % as service fee) when companies hire a engineer we’ve introduced them to. We don’t charge our engineers. That allows us to hire effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible.